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Thinkorswim has a native Linux version of it direct access software and it is stable

Many of the direct access software used are Java webstart based, any computer running java can run them.( in theory) from personal experience Etrade is stable (Although if you trade subpenny (As I am trying to do I found Choicetrade execution speed to be better, but that is another topic)

if you do not mind you can use a program called Oracle VM virtualbox allow you need is a windows install disk and windows programs will run all most seamless, BUT I hope the laptop you are using is powerful enough to run it fast. OS emulation can be resource intensive. Hopefully your laptop has two or more cores and I say 2gb of ram or more.

Equityfeed (which is well worth the money and what I use everyday to make TRY and make news plays) does for some reason just shuts off on me at random times maybe 2 to 3 times a day. It only takes me up to 20 seconds to get Equityfeed back up since I have my layout saved

I am using Fedora Core 14 at the time of this post. I love the way compiz handles the windows (look at the youtube videos if you never heard of it). Really helps when i have 20+ windows opens.

Since you are new to Linux try the Ubuntu distribution it is one of the "easier" distributions of Linux with plenty of new Linux users. I think their motto is " Ubuntu Linux for Human beings". I am sure their forum is new user friendly.

look into the program called "wine" it runs most windows programs and most X_X of the time they are stable. (You'll learn with pratice and experience how to get stuff to work)

do not be discourage give linux a go.

bit of advance use Sun's Java java/en/download/linu. t=java to help ensure stable use.

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