High probability trading strategies(ebook,pdf)

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High probability trading strategies(ebook,pdf)High Probability Trading Strategies (eBook, PDF)


Part One. High Probability Trade Strategies For Any Market and Any Time Frame

Chapter 1. High Probability Trade Strategies For All Markets and All Time Frames

Any Market, Any Time Frame

Conditions with a High Probability Outcome

Leading and Lagging Indicators

Multiple Time Frame Momentum Strategies

The Basic Dual Time Frame Momentum Strategy

Momentum Reversals

Most Price Indicators Represent Rate-of-Change

Momentum and Price Trends Often Diverge

Dual Time Frame Momentum Strategies

Which Indicators to Use For Multiple Time Frame Momentum Strategies

Overlap Is the Key to Identify a Correction

Trends and Five-Waves

Greater In Time and Price

Fifth Waves Are the Key

Momentum and Pattern Position