High performance options trading option volatility and pricing strategies w

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High performance options trading option volatility and pricing strategies wTable of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Language of Options.

The Basics.

Listed Options.


Longs and Shorts.

A Bit More Terminology.

Offsetting Option Trades.

Expiration, Exercise, and Assignment.

American versus European.

Delta-Neutral Trading—In a Nutshell.

Seasonal Patterns in the Grains.

Other Commodities.

Volatility Skew—What Is It and How Can I Use It?

Some Words of Warning about Naked Writing.

The Relationship between Volatility and Price.

CHAPTER 4: The Option Traders Arsenal.

Buying Nearby Options—The Swing Traders Perfect Tool.

Debit Spreads—The Calm Approach.

Strategies for Trending Markets.

The Horizontal Spread—A Good Strategy in a Sideways Market.

Credit Spreads—Say Dont Go There.

Condors—Two-Winged Creatures.

The Backspread—A Directional Strategy that Costs Nothing If You Are Wrong.

Covered Writing—Enhancing Your Returns.

LEAPS—An Alternative to Stock.

The Synthetic—Another Alternative to Stock.

The Butterfly Spread—When You Have a Narrow Target Range.

Understanding the Limitations of Your Model.

Dealing with Anomalies and Pricing Difficulties.