Foreign exchange trading

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Foreign exchange tradingForeign Exchange Trading

By John Russell. Forex Trading Expert

Foreign exchange trading. which is commonly called forex trading. is the swapping of currencies from different countries. For example, you could trade US Dollars for Euros.

Foreign exchange trading is also conducted for speculative reasons, like profiting from price fluctuations. This type of trading is conducted by both institutions and individual traders on a daily basis. If a trader or organization expects the Euro to rise in value in relation to the US Dollar they would make a trade on a Euro/US Dollar trading pair called EUR/USD. This is not only buying Euros, but it is specifically trading Euros against US Dollars. Its called going long on EUR/USD.

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If the Euro increases in value against the US Dollar, the trader can end the trade resulting in an immediate profit. Changes in values are recorded in pips. which are 1/100th of 1 percent.