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Futures trading course-online trading academy xltFUTURES TRADING COURSE - ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY XLT

The XLT – Futures Trading course blends two types of sessions in a very structured environment. Lesson sessions make up approximately 40% of the course curriculum. Each lesson focuses on teaching a specific concept that continues your trading education. Trading and Analysis sessions make up the remaining 60% of the course curriculum and apply the knowledge you have gained in live market conditions. Trading and Analysis sessions are conducted during active market hours with the purpose of identifying real trading opportunities using a very objective rule-based strategy.

Forty-two sessions are delivered over a 12-week period, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours in length. Lesson sessions repeat every 12-weeks, providing solid learning reinforcement. Each Trading and Analysis session is unique as the instructor and students, together, proactively and dynamically respond to live-market conditions.

Understanding Who is on the Other Side of Your Trade


Week 2: Odds Enhancers: Identifying High Probability Turning Points

Strength of a Level

Stock / Bond Relationship

Supply and Demand Curve Extremes

The “Trigger”

System Building Traps

Week 10: Indicators and Oscillators and Candlestick Patterns

Identifying Turning Points with Oscillators

Adapting Oscillators for Trends

Use of Oscillators to Confirm Supply and Demand Entry Points

Use of Indicators to Confirm Supply and Demand

Moving Averages as Demand and Supply

Trading the Trend with Moving Averages