Learner strategy training in modern language learning eppi protocol cover sheet authors

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Learner strategy training in modern language learning eppi protocol cover sheet authorsSimilar Publications

Learner strategy training in modern language learning

EPPI Protocol Cover sheet

Hassan X, Macaro E, Mason D, Nye G, Pring R, Smith P, Vanderplank R

Review team

Xaviere Hassan, The Open University

Lecturer in French studies, teacher of French as a foreign language (FLE), parent and language learner

(French, English, Hebrew, Russian)

Ernesto Macaro, University of Oxford

Former secondary teacher of French Italian, lecturer in education (languages), teacher trainer,

applied linguist, parent, and language learner (English, French, Italian)

Deborah Mason, University of Oxford

Deputy Director of Oxford University Language Centre, language teacher, language learner (Finnish)

Gail Nye, (Name of school to be entered), Florida

Practicing secondary teacher of English and Spanish, parent, language learner

Richard Pring, University of Oxford

Director, Educational Studies Department, Professor of Education, former civil servant/policy maker

Peter Smith, The Open University (contact author)

Lecturer in French Studies, former director of Language Centre, teacher of English as a foreign

language, parent and language learner (French, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish)

Robert Vanderplank

Director of Language Centre, language teacher, educational researcher, parent and language learner