Trend lines

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Trend linesTrend Lines

Trend lines show the general direction of the price movement (upwards, downwards, or sideways), the strength of the current price movement, and where future support and resistance are likely to be located. In addition to being drawn on price charts (usually bar or candlestick charts), trend lines can be drawn on indicator charts (such as the CCI, TRIX, RSI, etc.), where they show the same information, but are based upon the indicators values instead of the prices.

What are Trend Lines?

Trend lines show three distinct but related pieces of information about their market.

They show the direction of the current price movement, the strength (or more precisely the speed) of the current price movement, and the future support and resistance of the current price movement. These pieces of information can be used independently of each other, or they can be used together as part of a larger trading system. Each of these valuable pieces of information are described in detail in the following articles :