Energy trading and risk management

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Energy trading and risk managementEnergy Trading and Risk Management

Book Description

Energy Trading and Risk Management. A Practical Approach to Hedging, Trading and Portfolio Diversification

A comprehensive overview of trading and risk management in the energy markets

Energy Trading and Risk Management provides a comprehensive overview of global energy markets from one of the foremost authorities on energy derivatives and quantitative finance. With an approachable writing style, Iris Mack breaks down the three primary applications for energy derivatives markets – Risk Management, Speculation, and Investment Portfolio Diversification – in a way that hedge fund traders, consultants, and energy market participants can apply in their day to day trading activities.

Moving from the fundamentals of energy markets through simple and complex derivatives trading, hedging strategies, and industry-specific case studies, Dr. Mack walks readers through energy trading and risk management concepts at an instructive pace, supporting her explanations with real-world examples, illustrations, charts, and precise definitions of important and often-misunderstood terms.

From stochastic pricing models for exotic derivatives, to modern portfolio theory (MPT), energy portfolio management (EPM), to case studies dealing specifically with risk management challenges unique to wind and hydro-electric power, the bookguides readers through the complex world of energy trading and risk management to help investors, executives, and energy professionals ensure profitability and optimal risk mitigation in every market climate.

Energy Trading and Risk Management is a great resource to help grapple with the very interesting but oftentimes complex issues that arise in energy trading and risk management.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Energy Markets Fundamentals

Chapter 2 Quant Models in the Energy Markets: Role and Limitations

Chapter 3 Plain Vanilla Energy Derivatives

Chapter 4 Exotic Energy Derivatives

Chapter 5 Risk Management and Hedging Strategies

Chapter 9 Hedging Nonlinear Payoffs Using Options: The Case of a New Subsidies Regime for Renewables

Chapter 10 Case Study: Hydro Power Generation and Behavioral Finance in the U. S. Pacific Northwest