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Power stock trading strategies20reviewPower Stock Trading Strategies 2.0 Review

Trading Concepts Inc. has created many courses over their 20 year history, since 1994. And this is one of them.

Consisting of 7 levels of modules, this course tries to give you a very wide education. On trading stocks, options, futures, ETFs and mutual funds:

The Millionaire Traders MindMap

Welcome and overview

The Traders Progression

The Traders Mindset

Trader Management Business plan

Thinking like a contrarian

Trader Assessment

The Stock Finder Formula

How the market works

The three-step trading process

Finding stock candidates I

Finding stock candidates II

Using ETFs

Using online trading tools

Principles of Charting Mastery

Foundation of charting mastery

Key support resistance levels

Keltner bands key moving averages

Powerful PRICE patterns

Winning volume principles

Powerful CHART patterns

Market entries and exits I

Market entries and exits II

Recognising potential tops and bottoms

money management position sizing

The Stock Solution GamePlan

Day in the life I

Day in the life II

Mutual fund application

Trading bear markets

The Options Bootcamp Experience

What/why options

Options pricing

Trading puts and calls

First options income trades

The Cash Flow Maximizer

Options candidates

Paid pullback strategy

Renting out stocks

Maximum stock income

Stock replacement via Options

Income trader day in the life

Daily Income Strategies

Day trading stocks

Day trading futures

Program Summary CS

And here is a visual representation of the 7 levels of the course:

Here is a sneak peak of how the members area looks like. The Dashboard:

The Millionaire Traders MindMap:

The Principles of Charting Mastery:

At the moment this course is closed and we cant perform a proper review, so we will have to leave you with just some basic inforation for now. Stay tuned for an update to this review, once it is live.

All in all an interesting looking course, from what we can tell so far. Featuring a focus on stock trading.

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